A Few Great Destinations Across Upstate, Central and Western New York

Winter in Upstate New York is synonymous with snow, but that doesn’t mean hibernation. Winter activities and attractions from, fantastic resorts and cozy bed-and-breakfasts, ski resorts, wineries and more, there are countless ways to enjoy the winter months in Upstate New York. Here are just a few destinations you might want to visit.


Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid made history when it hosted the Olympics twice — in 1932 and 1980. Visiting The Miracle on Ice arena is a must. There are three rinks at the Olympic Center, as well as the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. There is public skating and bobsled rides. You can skate on the Olympic Speed Skating Oval or you can skate right on Mirror Lake once it is frozen. The are countless numbers of cross country skiing trails all around the area and if you are looking to downhill ski Whiteface Mountain and Titus Family Ski Area is just a short drive from town.

If you are looking to spend some time warming up inside, it is easy to do while shopping on Main St. There are dozens of restaurants and shops just a short walk from the many resorts in town. Many of our agents and staff members have visited Lake Placid in the past and eventually made it their home or purchased a second home in the area to vacation.  Click Here to See Properties Available in the Lake Placid Area.


Saratoga Springs

Locals frequently use Saratoga loosely, speaking to both the town of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding region, such as Schuylerville, Wilton and Saratoga Lake. Its motto Health, History, Horses, represents the 3 things that the town is famous for.

Saratoga Springs is not only the summertime place to be! Plan a visit during the winter to experience another side of town. When snow covers the scene, the town transforms into a perfect winter wonderland. Cold temperatures never stop the fun. Broadway is in full swing with endless shops and restaurants to enjoy. Located centrally between the Capital Region and the Adirondacks the Saratoga Area is a great place to visit and call home.  We have many great properties in the area for sale.  Call us if you would like to book a seasonal track rental or if you are looking to relocate into the area.


Hudson, New York

Though it’s booming, Hudson still maintains its small-town charm like many of the other surrounding towns. Aside from its resurgence in shopping, dining and art galleries, Hudson is a historical destination. It was the first chartered city in the United States, founded in 1785.

For those commuting from the city, this upstate town may be for you: you can easily train here on the Amtrak. Once you’ve arrived, the town is completely walkable, just a 10 minute walk down Front Street to Warren Street.  This is a great place to escape the city but still within a reasonable distance to commute if necessary.  There are some fantastic homes available in this thriving market.  Our agents would love to show you what this great community has to offer.



The city makes the most of its wintry reputation. As part of multimillion dollar redevelopment of the city’s waterfront, visitors can lace up their ice skates and glide on more than 35,000 square feet of ice, pedal an ice bike — which feature a wheel and a blade — or challenge a friend to a game of curling. Cross-country skiers and snowshoe enthusiast will find the region more than satisfying.  There are many other places just a short drive from the city to enjoy the best of Western New York has to offer in the winter months.

Whether grabbing a pint at a local brewery or seeing the world-renowned art at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo has a lot to offer.  Niagara Falls one of the wonders of the world is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from America’s oldest state park. After dark, Niagara Falls gets more outstanding with colored spotlights that light the Horseshoe and American falls. A bustling nightlife with great places to dine and relax makes Buffalo New York a great place to visit or call home.  Click here to view homes for sale in the Buffalo Area.




To some, the 19th century village is a Norman Rockwell painting on the making with a three-story-tall Christmas tree, white Christmas lights and decorated windows. Ellicottville is home to shops, boutiques, dozens of restaurants, a host of bed-and-breakfast inns, hotels and motels.

Those looking for more adventure don’t have to go far. Holiday Valley and Holimont Ski Area, a private ski area open to the public during the week, offer a combined 100 slopes and trails as well as terrain parks. Guests can book overnight accommodations at Holiday Valley, grab a bite to eat or take a dip in the pool.

A great family vacation destination loved by many in the US and Canada.  There are some wonderful homes available in the area.  If you are looking for a nice place to get away see if Ellicottville has what you are looking for.


Elma, New York

If you’re looking for a new favorite getaway, look no further than Elma. Elma might not have well-known attractions within the city, but you won’t need to venture far to find top places to visit like New Era Field. You won’t want to miss sights in the surrounding area like Harvest Hill Golf Course and Toy Town Museum.

The Greater East Aurora area, which includes the Village of East Aurora and the towns of Aurora, Colden, Elma, Holland, Marilla, and Wales, is steeped in history rich in the craftsman arts due to the famous Roycroft Campus.

The area also has many interesting sites and attractions to visit beyond the Roycroft Campus. Whether you are only in the area for a day or planning an extended holiday, the Greater East Aurora area has many attractions to keep you entertained.  Located not to far from Buffalo this is a great location to consider for relocation to the area.  Here are some of the great homes available in the area.

Protect You Home and Real Estate Investments from Cold Weather And Water Damage


Whether you have an all-season home or vacation home you have to protect yourself year-round from plumbing disasters. Due to the extreme temperature swings during our winter months in northern New York it is even more important. A home that is occupied and being actively heated can still be susceptible to the extreme cold.

If you are currently having issues with frozen pipes we urge you to contact a professional and minimize or avoid any costly property damage. If you are new to the area or unsure of a reputable service professional, you can feel free to contact one of our agents. With over 90 local agents throughout the state of New York they will be able to point you in the right direction and connect you with a trusted professional.

Here Are A Few Tips You Can Use To Help Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing.

  • Keeping the heat on.
  • Using space heaters in room that are prone to frozen pipes.
  • Allowing faucets to drip slightly.
  • Keeping all interior doors open to circulate heat.
  • Sealing up holes and cracks that allow cold air into vulnerable areas.
  • Adding extra insulation.
  • Removing exterior hoses and shutting off interior valves feeding those hoses.

Steps For Winterizing Your Vacation Home When Unoccupied.

Water System
1. Turn off electric supply to water system pump
2. Turn off electric to water heater if electric or Turn off gas supply if
Gas fired water heater.
3. Shut off water systems by shutting the valve if on municipal water.
4. Drain the pressure tank.
5. Open all faucets.
6. Disconnect all hoses from exterior faucets.
7. Open drain valve closest to the main shut off valve so water will
Drain out clear to the shut-off valve.
8. Drain pressure or holding tank.
9. Flush toilets and dip all water out of the flush tank.
10. Be sure to drain flexible spray hoses in showers and sinks
11. Open diverter valve to shower head so water drains out.
12. Drain water softeners.
13. Drain any other water treatment equipment such as whole house Filters, carbon filters, UV light filters, etc. 14. Drain water heaters.

Last step is to connect an air compressor to the system and blow any Remaining water out. You can purchase an inexpensive air compressor If you are up for this task. We recommend contacting a professional to assist and ensure your property is protected.

Washer and dishwasher
Water left in hoses and internal components can cause damage when
It freezes. Shut off water supply to clothes washer. Remove and drain Inlet hoses. Clear water valve by setting timer for fill cycle. Press warm Water button and run machine a few seconds. Drain water from drain Hose. Disconnect electrical supply.

For a dishwasher, remove inlet and outlet connection to the valve.
Operate valve to remove any water. Remove drain hose from the Pump and drain. Disconnect electrical supply. It is also a good idea to clean the equipment and to protect the finish With a coat of appliance polish.

Sewage system
1. Force as much water as possible out of traps with a plunger.
2. Add environmentally safe antifreeze to each trap so you have at Least a 50% solution.
3. Check for traps in these locations: kitchen sinks, bathroom Sinks, bathtub and/or shower drains, toilets, washtubs, floor Drains and maybe a sump pump.

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Sotheby’s American Art Sale in NYC

Sotheby’s held a very successful American Art sale in New York on November 13th. Among the incredible pieces available for auction (Georgia O’Keeffe, Ernest Blumenschein, Oscar Berninghaus, etc.) paintings of Rockwell Kent were offered.

Rockwell Kent was born in Tarrytown, New York, the same year as fellow American artists George Bellows and Edward Hopper. Kent was of English descent. He lived much of his early life in and around New York City, where he attended the Horace Mann School. In his mid-40s he moved to an Adirondack farmstead that he called Asgaard, where he lived and painted until his death.

R Norman

“Croquet Game”, by Rockwell Kent

Significant Sales – Volume II, Issue IV

From “The Castle On Lake Tahoe” to Malta and Dominican Republic, this Significant Sales issue showcases noteworthy sales from around the world. A big shout-out to all of our Sotheby’s International Realty affiliates represented in this issue!

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Art & Home – October 2017

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In this October issue, Iyna Bort Caruso takes us on a journey to the mid-century modern architecture. From exquisite properties to art and fashion, this edition is all about “the modern”. “It’s as if the mechanism that refreshes cultural trends every few years has developed a glitch,” wrote The New York Times.

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