Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands

As a buffer between Canada and the United States, the Thousand Island Regions truly provides a unique lifestyle that is rare to experience. Comprised of 1,864 small islands, the United States islands reside in one of the northernmost points of New York, while the Canadian Islands belong to the province of Ontario.

Surrounded by the St Lawrence Seaway, the Thousand Islands is the perfect spot for nature lovers to settle. With it’s rocky surface, beautiful sunsets and gorgeous vistas, it’s the perfect place for anyone to find inspiration. Over 8,200 acres of land has been dedicated to a nature preserve, ingrained with 30 miles of trails and creeks, all accessible by the public for no fare. There are one-of-a-kind historic castles available for tour, antique boat shows and many more local activities to keep you busy.

While a lot of the seaway is dangerous to navigate unless you’re a true native, there are some islands that are perfect for the summertime enthusiast. Grindstone Island promotes a sandy bottom and beaches to be enjoyed by the warm northern sun. From the shore or from a boat, the fishing is immense, with its most notable fish being pike. For sightseeing underwater, numerous wrecks are available for fresh water diving of all skill levels.

Many islands are rich in history, and are worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime. And while scientists are still debating the solid facts on the true origin, it is said that Thousand Islands Dressing was created in the region by a wife who made the condiment for her husband’s shore dinner. So come stop by, and fall in love with the Thousand Islands Region, an out of the ordinary place to experience life.

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