Rough Economy forces consolidation in Non-Profits

The past few years, I have been involved in a few non-profits with great purpose and mission.   It has become increasingly difficult to raise money due to the competitive nature of the non-profit industry, and because of the drasticly receding economy as a whole.     Fortunately, the non-profits I’m involved in are totally volunteer, and nearly all the monies raised go directly into the core mission.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, there is a growing trend of non-profit closures and consolidations.  This is more prevelant among the charities with staff and overhead to content with, but non-the-less, the trend is now upon us, and our economy / society will be faced with an everchanging and evolving landscape in this regard.

It is only natural that all industry sectors follow suit and move into consolidation stages as well, as it is primarily the most logical step towards financial recovery and economies of scale.   2010 should be a year filled with major changes and developments worldwide and throughout all industry sectors.

To read the Wall Street Journal article entitled:  ”
Once-Robust Charity Sector Hit With Mergers, Closings”, CLICK HERE