Trend Moves from Large McMansions to Smaller Quality Homes

There is a trend moving from the Southwest to the Northeast where new home buyers and moving away from the large McMansions on spralling yards to more of a traditional, city-like atmosphere with lower yard maintenence, and downsizing from the 5,000 square feet of unnecessary living space to far less quality square footage.

This new trend was recently covered on with an article entitled: “Say Goodbye to the McMansion”.

This is good news for traditional home builders like Snyder Builders in Saratoga Springs who anticipated this trend several years ago. The new subdivision, Oak Ridge, provides a traditional style neighborhood with a more social concept with small lots. The homes in Oak Ridge are of the highest quality available in Saratoga Springs, and look 100 years old day one. They are the ideal choice for people who value quality, custom features over voluminous square footage.

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