Proposed NY tax law will help out of state vacation home buyers

There is a new tax law proposed that would allow out of state residents home own a vacation home in New York state to avoid paying state income tax as a resident. The proposed bill says that as long as the vacation home is more than 50 miles from the primary home or place of work, it would qualify. This could be good news for the vacation home market of the Adirondacks. Clearly more than 50 miles from CT and NJ and these are excellent feeder markets to the region. Follow this link to read the article from the Wall Street Journal.

Luxury Travel is on the Rise

Luxury Travel is on the rise, and as consumers hit the trail for their favorite resort destinitations, expectations for service are also increasing.  It does not come to any surprise, but a few progressive luxury hotels have incorporated mobile technology into their customer experience.

On the Wall Street Journal television segment this morning, it was reported that the new trend for some luxury hotels is to eliminate the check in desk procedure.  These forward thinking hotels are waiting for their guests to arrive at the front door, when they arrive, they already know who they are, and they wisk their guests directly to the room, and check them in using an IPAD.

This definitely beats standing in a line in front of registration desk!