Sotheby’s Top 10 Art Sales of 2012

Sotheby’s sold $4.4 billion of items that include everything from artwork to wine to jewelry in 2012, according to early 2013 estimates from the auction house’s investor-relations group. Take a look at the 10 priciest artworks.

To view the slideshow of work on the Wall Street Journal site, click here.

14,272 Hall Design Photos

Halls are pathways between living spaces, but they can be much more than this. Instead of seeing your hallway as just a way to get from one room to another, look at it as a gallery to display all that you love. Displays of treasured and found items bring vibrancy to a home. They give guests a glimpse into your life and remind you of your history. By effectively using shelving, narrow or demi-lune tables and wall space, you can display the objects you love most. The hallway is a key place to do this. A key to successful hall gallery display is using a common denominator, such as color, a material, a shape, or a theme, to unify the pieces. Grouping elements in odd-numbered groups, usually three to five pieces, creates an eye-pleasing display. Varying the heights of the elements adds interest. Display collectibles by creating small groupings on an art shelf or within shadow boxes; you can frame a letter for display or place items in glass hurricanes or jars. Choose items in the same color family to create unity within the display area in your hall. But remember, less is more. Don’t clutter your hall display by trying to showcase everything. Bring out cherished items and rotate every so often. Others will enjoy them more if they aren’t overwhelmed by all the other stuff. If you choose a more crisp and clean aesthetic in your hall areas, use wallpaper to create sophisticated interest. A subtle stripe or woven seagrass may be enough personality and texture for your hall, even without all the other details. Layer on classic sconce lighting to further develop the mood as you travel from room to room. Whatever look you choose, don’t skip over the hallway when designing your home. It can prove to be the unexpected gem of your personal space.

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The 46 Places to Go in 2013

Whether you travel to eat or shop, surf or ski, new adventures await.

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