Where the wealth lives in the Albany region

By   – Research Director, Albany Business Review

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 Think about where the wealth lives in the region and few things might come to mind: Neighborhoods in Albany’s suburbs, downtown Saratoga Springs or summer homes on Lake George.

While those places are among the wealthiest in the region, a closer look at the data shows that wealth in the region is spread across many locations.

Topping The List is the 12148 ZIP code, which covers Rexford and bounds the Hudson River in southern Saratoga County. It has highest median household income in the region.

But while Saratoga County has the most entries on this List with 14, eight of the region’s 11 counties are represented among the 50 wealthiest spots in the region.

The Census data for 2018, the most recent available, pegs household income in Rexford at over $116,000 a year — one of only six ZIP codes to top $100K in the region.

By comparison, the national average for median household income in 2018 was $63,179.

The data comes from the five-year American Community Survey from 2018, and includes all ZIP codes with at least 2,000 residents.

Rexford is also the spot with the highest average value for homes at $340,700, coming out just ahead of Slingerlands ($340,400) and Saratoga Springs ($340,100).

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